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Chic and more sophisticated look with unique hairstyle, well all these aspects are the part of these different braid styles. They are your need oriented and also quite easy to make. So, let’s overlook this hiking hairstyle trend with lots of categories and options.

1) French Braid

First you need to brush your hair with any of yours preferred one. Then section your hair in ‘V’ form by taking hair from sides and top of head. Now, simply divide these hair into 3 ports and start braiding. Every time when you make braid, you’ve to incorporate the hair in equal volume from both sides with center braid. Keep working until you reaches the tip and now roll a band.

French braid style
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2) French Loop Braid

A twist and special touch in regular french braid, here’s how to make french with loops.

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3) Waterfall braid

By ensuring the center part, focus your temple to start braiding. Next start french braiding by holding 3 strands. Drop the outermost section of the braid to cross over; it’s every piece that crosses over to the right if you’re braiding the right side, and the left part when you’re creating on the left side. Finally, leave the fall for an amazing water fall look.

Waterfall braid style
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4) Crown Braid

Another beautiful braid style, this crown braid is also very easy to create. First, divide you hair into 2 parts by defining the center line and make Dutch braids on both sides. Keep it mind that you’ve to make one sided braid by covering over the head like a crown and second to the back of your neck. The subtly line up their ends with pins.

Crown braid
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5) Bun Braid

For this braid style, start Dutch braiding from both temples til half. Now, secure the both braids with hair pins and start roll-on hair to create a fine bun.

Braid Bun
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6) Dutch Braid

Thuis Ditch braid is made by following the procedure of French braid style but with 3 sectional braids. All you’ve to incorporate 3 braids in french formate and the difference to follow is to jeep braiding by crossing the sections underneath rather than over each other.

Dutch braid style
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7) Rope Braid

It’s quite simple braid style which can be easily made by putting your hair into ponytail and then divide hair into 2 parts. Now, twist the both sections in same directions till the end and bind with band.

rope braid style
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8) Fishtail Braid

 Divide hair into 2 sections to make a cross from both sides. Then, hold both divisions in one hand and keep separated by your pointer finger. Next, use your other hand to take a thin layer of hair from the outside of one part. Pull the strand over to the other half, and then take a layer of hair from the outside of that part. Now, make braid in opposite way and keep until end, finally secure with band

fishtail braid
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9) Bubble Fishtail Braid

Simply follow up a procedure of fish tail braid in the head section of hair. Once, you made a quarter braid, you have to add a ppop in the section by spreading the edges to the outside. Then start braiding again and repeat the pop adding function and then braiding again for another bubbling pop. Thus, you can create bubbles in your chic fishtail braid style.

bubble fishtail braid
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10) Twist Braid

One of the most popular black woman hairstyles, twist braid is tricky to make. Follow the steps from here:

twist braid style
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