bridal matha patti designs

Globally known the convention style of bridal jewelry looks too gorgeous and bridal matha patti designs are among these. The trend of this bridal jewellery item is popular not just in subcontinent but worldwide too. Indeed, bride’s jewelry is the center of interpreting her grace along with dress and matha patti is more than any other accessory which completely magnifies her appearance.

Significantly, the wedding dress bridal jewelry sets must be considered well while choosing a matha patti. Moreover, bridal nath designs with patha patti look like a complete traditional diva in contemporary style. A variety of this bridal jewelry accessory is all about to make a bride fall in love with conventional getup when there’s outstanding options to go for. These choices for natha patti are retaining the hike of matha patti trend in fashion of 2018.

1) Kundan Matha Patti

2) Traditional Matha Patti

3) Beads Studded Matha Patti

4) Stone Studded Matha Patti

5) Flair Matha Patti with Hanging Stones

6) Antique Matha Patti with Multiple Chains

7) Pure Gold Bridal Matha Patti Design

8) Single Sided  Antique Mayja Patti

Photographs Courtesy by Mariam’sBridalSalon/Facebook

9) Pearl Matha Patti

bridal matha patti design
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10) Afghani Style Matha Patti

bridal matha patti design


  1. Patti, I also get very inspired whenever I get to use new materials in my creating! It jogs my brain in new directions. I”ll be looking forward to see more of the jewelry you create with polymer clay! đŸ™‚


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