bridal nath designs

Nath (nose-ring)wearing has been a trend in great Indian subcontinent but due to it captivating beauty this fashion always create a stunning come back. Brides go for these fashion with pleasure because nath wearing is something to embrace themselves with all the dignity of preparing for a big day. There are various bridal nath designs which truly interprets the grace of bridal jewellery designs.

Choose a bridal nath design for you by fully considering the styles of your Jhumar Tikka and Mathapatti. The combination of forehead wearing jewellery with nath really matter, so get a help from these:

1) Plain Ring with Bead

Having a feel of elegance with embellishing touch in this plain nose-ring with single bead looks stunning . It serves as both decency and fancy look.

bridal nath designs

2) Maharashtriam Nath

A typical Indian Gujrati style, Maharashtriam nath is one of casual and bridal nath design. It covers one side of nose with gold, beads or pearls but specifically without chain.

3) Nath with Pure Gold Motive

Its a bold nath with gold motive which is made of rich gold design. Traditional the beads are also been used in the same golden color to retain its harmony with tint of metal.

bridal nath designs

4) Multi-Chain Nath

For a complete embellished look. brides can try this amazing bridal nath design with multi chains made of beading. Normally 3 or optionally 4 chains are been wear with this traditional multi-stranded bridal nath design.

bridal nath design
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5) Pearl Panache

Embedded pearls in nose ring and chain is a pretty combo and one of the trending bridal nath designs. The color of gold with off-white contrasts amazingly to enhance even the off-beat look of jewellery.

bridal nath design

6) Floral Flair Nath

Your  nath comprising of floral design is to not only match the set of jewelley but also to introduce you with a chic look. Floral flair makes nose ring fancy and also decent.

bridal nath design

7) Charismatic Kundan

Encircling embedded Kundan is a breath-taking combo of traditional and contemporary bridal nath designs. Classical glass and tinted Kundan has a specialty to match a variety of jewellery designs, especially when you’ve to arrange a nose ring separately from set.

charismatic kundan nath

8) Nose Ring with Pearls and Beads

A beautiful combination of pearls and beads makes nose ring a contemporary jewelry piece. The use of pearls in chain with this sequence is an amazing idea to give a simple nath embellishing touch.

bridal nath design

9) Stone Studded Nath

Since ages, stone studded nath design is has been a part of different cultures. Also the latest jewellery fashion follow this design with variation in stone type but with a motive of studded embedding.

10) Nathli with Chain

All those brides who love to wear nathli but also don’t want to miss the chance of wearing nath; this nathli styled nose ring is a best option for them. This chain attached with nathli looks fashionable and also fulfills the requirement of nath wearing. It’s a unique bridal nath design.

bridal nathh design



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