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In the fashion market of east and west, cigarette pants 2018 with stylish designs are getting extremely IN. As bell bottom shaped, loose trousers and skinny trousers have been trend setter for last year, but straight trousers named cigarette pants are the rising fashion. Ladies are preferring elegant and gorgeous new cigarette trousers to wear with tops, shirts and frocks along with chic slider shoes, and overall makeover claims the best look of the year.

Let’s move ahead and explore further definitions of cigarette pant designs in demanded stuff and fashionable cuts.

1) Embroidered Cigarette Pants

Trend of cigarette pants in Pakistan is also adding cool impression in summer outfits. Branded options like Zeen and Khaadi cigarette pants 2018 are being preferably bought. And embroidered stuff is among the top.

Khaadi straight pants
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2) Cigarette Pants in Capri Style

Although, embroidered straight paints are performing well in fashion market but the capri style in both embroidered and plain stuff is also been paired with apparels.

embroidered straight pants
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3) Silk Cigarette Pants

Plain and shiny semi-formal silk stuff redefines the grace of cigarette pants designs are makes an ease to carry with wider options.

silk cigarette pant
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4) Cigarette Pants with Plates

Another latest and very ongoing cigarette pant design is stitched plates. This involves a thing stitched layering of bottom portion to add a gut in stuff.

cigareete pant
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5) Pencil Pants

This Khaadi straight pant 2018 is a best form of pencil pant which is basically a tight and trouser like pant. Different stuff and designing, all are suitable for it.

cigarette pant
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6) Cigarette Pants with Pearls

Peals on bottom lines of cigarette pants is a beautiful way to embellish both plain and embroidered stuff.

pearl cigarette pant
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7) Cigarette Pants with Tassel

Funcky yet interesting looking tassels are in jewelry, accessories and now also with latest trousers. This can be also made for seek of increasing the trousers length.

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8) Cigarette Pants with Lace

Black Cigarette trousers with lace at bottom is truly an amazing idea to enhance the grace of plain trousers. This combo is convenient to get a trousers ready for casual and semi-formal wears.

black cigarette trousers
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9) Cigarette Pants with Slit

Both side and front cuts redefine the outlook and style of cigarette pants. By adding slit, one can pair a good range of modern clothes with it.

cigarette pants with cut
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10) Cigarette Pant Having Cut-work

Beautiful cut-work in the cloth looks elegant and more stylish. Such type of stuff is also trending well to stitched or buy ready-to-wear cigarette pants.

cut-work Cigarette pant

11) Chicken Cigarette Pants

The straight trousers are easier to be in form with multiple types of stuff, that’s why the trend of cigarette pants 2018 is getting more popular. Look at this graceful pant style in chicken stuff which is best for casual and semi-formal outfits.

Cigarette pants
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Pakistani cigarette trousers

Cigarette pant designs


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