Hum showcase 2019

A dazy fashion week of this stating year has been winded up with glories. Pantene HUM Showcase 2018  has set the trends of latest colors combos, cuts and styles. Hum Tv has organizing this fashion showcase for 2 years and making its contribution to showcase the latest fashion trends. It took place in Karachi, Pakistan on 28th of March, 2018 to 30th of March, 2018.

Well, that was about the event info, but here’s much more about the resilient happenings at Hum Showcase 2018. It’s all from the opening of vibrant red carpet to the last cat walk of designer’s cloth.

We’re compiling the glimpse of Pantene Hum Showcase in a comprehensive way that has launched many party wear ideas for fashion market. Take a dive into 3 days 1 by 1 and put out the motives of adopting the gut of motifs with newly introduced couture by top fashion designers nationwide.

1st Day of Pantene HUM Showcase 2018

The resilient fashion show of showcase started from red carpet, as the tradition of fashion weeks involves it. The famous designers, models and Hum TV celebrities rejoiced themselves here with start-up

Couture king HSY at Hum Showcase red catprt
Sajal Ali (Celebrity) entering the Hum showcase and got captured at red carpet
Sultana Sidiqui- President of Hum Tv Channel is at red carpet with models

Zaheer Abasi’s Collection

Zaheer Abasi's collection

Husain Rehar’s Collection- ‘Fleurotica’

Mughal’s Collection- ‘Flight the Bulbul’

Mughal's collection

Mughal's collection

2nd Day of Pantene HUM Showcase 2018

The charming collection of designers promoted rich casual and semi casual wear with contemporary style. Silky stuff with shiny look and soothing colors add an outstanding impression.

Rizwan Bayg’s Collectio- ‘Chandi’

Chandi collection

Nickie Nina’s Collection- ‘Mehrunisa’

Nickie Nina's collection

Faiza Samee’s Collection- ‘The Indigo Madder/Experiment’

Faiza Samee's collection

HSY’s Collection- ‘Musafir’

Collection by HSY

3rd Day of Pantene HUM Showcase 2018

The last day of Hum Showcase 2018 held with a theme of formal wear. The traditional touch of formal clothing trend has been redefined in a contemporary way. Here’s how amazing it looks.

Elan’s Collection- ‘Nafeesa’

Elan's Collection- 'Nafeesa' Elan's Collection- 'Nafeesa'

Umer Sayeed’s Collection- ‘Good as Gold’

Hum showcase 2018
Mahira Khan in Umer Sayeed’s Dress

Umer Sayeed's collection

Sania Maskatiya’s Collection- ‘Sahavar’

Sahavar collection

Chapter 2 Collection- ‘Urbancanvas’

Chapter 2 Collection- 'Urbancanvas'

All Photos Courtesy by HUM Showcase/Facebook



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