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Planning to design a perfect mehndi dress of your dreams? Checkout this exclusive collection of bridal and formal mehndi dresses; recently launched by top Pakistani fashion designers and get an idea to design yours with trending colors, cuts and stuff.

Mehndu dress

  1. Lehnga Mehndi Dresses

A traditional wear for Pakistani and Indian women, ghagra and choli. In other language, ghagra is also known as lehnga which lower part to wear, consists vast piece of cloth having flair of and the top shirt called choli is like a blouse.

Recently, Pakistani fashion designers have launched their latest mehdni dresses collection in fashion couture weeks for fall 2018.

Mehni lehnga
Designed by Maria. B

Mehni lehnga

Mehni lehnga

Mehndi lehnga

Mehndi dresses

2. Sharara Mehndi Dresses

Sharara is a traditional dress worn by Asian’s women. After a long time, its fashion came back in a fascinating way. The origin of this dress is from Lakhnow as this dress was so common in Nawab’s family. It can be wear by both girls and women at different events.
Sharara is a bottom wear which is fitted at the top of leg, presently look like a trouser but it is different from the lehenga and trouser in stitching. It is mostly famous in Pakistan and India with a variation in designs. Mostly wear by brides. This week of bridal couture in Pakistan have all the bridal collection in sharara, so take a look.
Sharara mehndi dresses
Sharara mehndi dresses
Sharara mehndi dresses

3. Gharara Mendi Dresses

Gharara is known to b as the Mughlia Outfit for women. Gharara has been wearing by women since centuries in wedding also. But sometimes back, it has completely out of fashion and shararas taken a valuable space in bridal dresses. But now, gharara is again in fashion and known to be as the most demanding formal dress in Pakistan.
Ghararas are coming a head in a wide variety of designs launched by designers in fashion weeks. . It is wearing with short and long shirts and is running as hottest trend of 2017-2918.
Gharara mehndi dress
gharara mehndi dresses
Gharara mehndi dresses



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