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Are you the fashion lover? If the answer is yes, you are at the right place. This blog aims to offer you the useful information about the top 20 Pakistani fashion designers who have been able to capture the fashion industry of the country and beyond. You must have come across many people belonging to the diverse walks of life who tend to have different taste as far as wearing clothes and fabrics are concerned. As the matter of fact, distinctive and well-established fashion designers offer the best quality of fabrics with the reasonable price to the people who are brand conscious and known to be fashion lovers. Different designers have the distinctive way of creating fabrics with unmatchable and unique design, attractive style and western or eastern trend added to the product. This blog would enable you to get to know about the best 20 Pakistani fashion designers who offer the best quality products and perfect match of design and style.

1) Hassan Shaharyar Yasin (HSY)


HSY seems to be the popular name among the Pakistani fashion designers. HSY is an individual who was given a birth in the city of Lahore. He is the person who initiated his career in the field of fashion-industry as the fashion choreographer. It is the well-established designer of clothes which is widely-popular across the world rather than confined to the state of Pakistan.
HSY managed to be listed in the top 10 most famous Pakistani fashion designers. The best quality clothes and its unique designing make it the most attractive for the people belonging to the diverse walks of life. it offers the bridal wear and formal wear couture house as he is known to be the bridal couture expert.

2) Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa
Photo by Asimjofaofficial/facebook

It is the best and popular Pakistani fashion designer operating in the fashion industry. Asim Jofa is an individual who initiated his professional career through continuing his ancestor’s legacy which was already well-established in the fashion industry. He has the beautiful exclusive diamond boutique.
It is the designer which offers the great range of clothes in the shape of bridal, seasonal and party wear. It was also awarded as the best designer in 2012 along with securing many international Asian awards over the years. The best part is that it is not only operating in the state of Pakistan, but it is also expanding its operation in many other countries such as UK, Canada and UAE.

3) Maria B

Maria B
Photo by Mariabdesigns/facebook

Maria B has been considered to be the famous Pakistani fashion designer with the best collection of dresses and clothes. It is very famous in the fashion industry owing to its unmatchable, up to date and trend-setter collection of clothes. In the year of 2014, Maria B came up with the remarkable collection of lawn clothes to attract the young girls who are fashion lovers.
Not only this, it also offered simple lawn designed collection with attractive and elegant necklines. It is the top fashion designing brand which offers the three sort of collection in the shape salwar, kameez, and dupatta. One of the top labels it offers to the fashion lovers includes M.KIDS, Maria B cotton and much more.

4) Khadija Shah

By Khadija Shah, “Élan is a French word synonymous with style, confidence and elegance. My design philosophy can also be defined by these three words. Elan designs traditional and modern clothes with heavily worked or lightly embellished but pleasing to eyes.”

Here’s all about the exclusive detail of Elan brand with its latest collection.

5) Mehreen Noorani

Mehreen Noorani
Photo by MehreenNoorani/facebook

It is one of the best Pakistani fashion designers which have been operating in Dubai, India, Hong Kong and New York. Mehreen Noorani is the best designer who is Karachi native with the major in Fashion design. She started her designing with her major focus on creative and classics collection of clothes in an attempt to gain the competitive edge in the fashion industry. Her collection has been able to grab much attention of south Asian magazines owing to its best quality and innovative designing of clothes. It is among the top 20 Pakistani fashion designers who have been managed to capture the market.

6) Asifa and Nabeel

Asifa and Nabeel
Photo by AsifaandNabeel/facebook

It is one of the top 20 Pakistani fashion designers which are very popular and famous in the fashion industry of Pakistan. It offers the best collection of clothes with ethereal elegance and panache. They have the signature style in their multiple fabrics and the unmatchable interplay of colors and designs. Asifa and Nabeel is the name which seeks to emphasize on the innovations and creativity that go on to attract women who desire to appear beautiful. It is the designer which has displayed and exhibits its collection of clothes and fabric in fashion weeks in Pakistan and London.

7) Nida Azwer

Nida Azwar
Photo by Nidaazwarfashionhouse/facebook

It is the most popular and famous Pakistanis fashion designers who occupy the good share in the fashion industry. It is the brand which offers traditional touch in the collection of fabrics such as Tukri ka kaam or zardozi. The creations and making of the clothes are man-crafted with the help of using pure fabric such as Irish linen or brocade. She has been known to be the committed and well-known artist who designs the innovative and creative collection of clothes with the help of pure hand skilled adopting the numerous sub-continental ethnicities. The block printing seems to be perfect in the fashion industry which has been adopted from Roman and Mughal designs.

8) Sana Safinaz

It’s a success story of two friends, get exclusive info about Sana Safinaz and their exceptional brand.

9) Amir Adnan

Amir Adnan
Photo by Amiradnandesign/facebook

It is also one of the best Pakistani fashion designers which have power to transform the minds and perception of the people regarding the advanced eastern man. Adnan started seeking out the diverse aspects of the passion of fashion which the industry witnesses. In the year of 1994, while in the wedding of the close’ friend off Amir Adnan, he came up with the thought the fashion is not only limited to about making the culture modern and advanced, but it also deals with the making an individual’s identity and name acceptable to the world. The main vision of Adnan was to restore the culture of sherwani that used to belong to the maharajas and feudal lords.

10) Deepak Perwani

The designer owns a well known brand by his name, Deepak Perwani which retains its hike in launching traditional and contemporary outfits. Here’s everything that you want to explore about Deepak Perwani.

11) Sabeen and Samina Lakhani

A'la bramd
Photo by A’lapakistan/facebook

It is one of the top 20 Pakistani fashion designers for stunning designer clothes which have been able to come up with the new designs and best collection of the fabric. Sabeen and Samina Lakhani is the brand which was established in the city of Islamabad that seems to be offering glamour and comfortable wearing clothes. It offers the fashionable fabrics in the shape of semi-formal or the wedding wear that has potential to attract the fashion lovers across the country or beyond. The best part is that it provides customers with the unmatchable and unique detailing and handwork embroidery. A’la managed to introduce the uncommon aspect to the advanced luxury fashion in the city of Islamabad.

12) Ammara Khan

Ammara Khan
photo by Ammarakhanofficial/facebook

It is the well-known Pakistani fashion designer for offering attractive and best designer clothes. It was founded in the year of 2002 and since then, it has been able to offer supreme luxury and shunning craftsmanship with the combination of traditional and current trend driven fabric. Ammara Khan has two distinctive offering for the fashion loves that belong to Pakistan or beyond. First, Ammara khan classic has to do with the traditional designing fabrics. Secondly, Ammara khan Contemporary that has to target those types of people who desire to wear western influenced fabrics. It is amongst the top 20 Pakistani fashion designers who have been able to capture the fashion industry.

13) Sania Maskatiya

 Sania Mastakiyah
Photo by Saniamastakiyah/facebook

It was launched in the year of 2010 with the signature label Sania Maskatiya. As the matter of fact, this designer managed to attract the mass target audience and secured an unprecedented level of popularity in the short span of time. The brand’s signature aesthetic is to keep a balance between the ease, elegance, and comfort for the people. It offers the wide-range of fabrics such as readymade prints in classy, embellished joras and blunt cuts and much more. The offering of fabrics is based upon the brand’s vision that is to bring beautiful cuts and colors in the way that seems to flow naturally. It is amongst the top 20 Pakistani fashion designers which managed to provide best quality fabrics to the customers.

14) Saira Rizwan

Sira Rozwan
Photo by Thesairarizwan/facebook

It was launched in the year of 2007 since then; the brand of Saira Rizwan has been able to secure an unparalleled fame and prominence in the fashion industry owing to its offering of eastern aesthetics. It offers the best quality fabrics and wide variety of clothes such as traditional bridals, contemporary formals and cuts in compliance with the current trends. This designer seeks to apply new and innovative tactics to help her brand reach new heights that ultimately make the work enjoyable for her and comfort for the customers and fashion lovers. She uses the classic brocade, large nets and pure zardozi and much more for the making of the fabric material.

15) Tena Durrani

Tena Durani
Photo by

It is amongst the top 20 Pakistani fashion designers which are famous for being able to offer the attractive and best quality designer clothes. It offers the casual, formal and bridal fabrics to its loyal customers and fashion lovers that belong to Pakistan and beyond. It has been observed that Tena is inspired from the artistic material of the Mughal Empire. The attractive, widely-loved colors and embroidery patterns have to go through the process of making it the perfect combination before being applied in the designs of the fabric. Tena is the well-known designer who is considered to be the driving force behind the company’s innovative and creative fabric and clothes.

16) Mina Hassan

Mina Hassan
Photo by MinaHassanstudio/facebook

It was established in the year of 2002 with Mina prides for being able to make fabric and clothes that appear attractive and eye-catchy. Although Mina is known to be haute couture specialist, she has been allowing her brand to come up with the wide variety of collection of fabric such as semi-formal Pret a porter. It has the unique edge over its highly qualitative fabrics in an attempt to ensure the maximum level of satisfaction on the part of the customers. She has boutiques which are situated in the cities of Karachi and Lahore clothes are to be stocked.

17) Shamsha Hashwani

Shamsa Hashwani
Photo by Shamsahashwani/facebook

It has been known to be the most popular and famous fashion brand in Karachi owing to its unparallel demand of its sophisticated aesthetics. Its signature has to do with luxurious traditional Indian embroidered clothes along with the chunri dupattas in rich deep hues. One of the best things about her fabric and her designing is that she chooses merely the soft-type color for her ensembles such as peach, blue along with the silver detailing that makes her fabric the most attractive to the fashion lovers of Pakistan. Her creative and innovative designing go beyond the trends already prevailing in the fashion industry as it located the never-ending works of art.

18) Nadia Ellahi

Photo by Ndia

It was established in 2008 and amongst the top 20 Pakistani fashion designers popular for offering attractive designer clothes. It offers the wide range of fabrics and clothes for its loyal clients such as luxury bridal, formal wear and chic western and a much more. She is the well-known designer who tends to come up with the best combination of contemporary eastern and advanced fusion war. She is the well-established designer who creates bespoke bridals and attractive custom formals with the help of the perfect craftsmanship and best detailing. Not only this, people also like her seasonal display or exhibitions that are meant to offer exclusive limited bunch of fabric to the women without compromising on the feature of creativity and quality.

19) Misha Lakhani

Misha Lakhan
Photo by Mishalakhani2012/facebook

It was established in 2012. It is one of the top 20 Pakistani fashion designers which hold a good amount of market share in the fashion industry. It is the brand which focuses on the best combination of traditional crafts and the advanced trends and prevailing ideas in the market. It offers the evening wear for the woman who loves to have a sophisticated that can be used in multiple or almost every occasion or function. As far as the casual chic line is concerned which it offers, it is something that’s distinguished from day to night in the best possible manner. Its vision is to provide best quality fabrics along with the unparalleled style and elegance.

20) Aysha Farooq Hashwani-AFH

Photo by Afhfb/facebook

It is one of top Pakistani fashion designers which are popular and well-recognized among the fashion lovers. The best part seems to be fact that AFH pieces are created with the help luxurious material of fabric and clothes. It is known to be able to come up with the perfect combination of the east and west with the elegance and style attached to its pieces. Although it is the Karachi based brand, but owing to its rising success level, it has been established in multiple cities such as Lahore, Islamabad and London. It offers the best quality fabrics with the unmatchable designing, craftsmanship, elegance and the style.


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