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Along with combating diseases, medicines have their side effects on other hand. But nature has bestowed us some herbal medicines which cure even stronger diseases naturally. The seeds are the part of your everyday pantry available in kitchen. All you’ve to know is to explore that how much they are as effective as a medicine can be, so don’t miss the stuff as it may cater your concern too.

1) Black Seeds (Kalvonji)

Black seed is top and unbeatable herbal medicine. On this little seed, almost 700 peer studies have been done which prove its remarkable result. Its amazing therapeutic and immunity boosting results are commendable to fight against every disease, its without exaggeration.

Its way to in-take is really simple. Take quarter tea spoon of black seeds for once daily with warm water. Some of its benefits are as follwed:

  • Reduce cholesterol level and cut down diseases caused by it
  • Remove stomach and digestion problems
  • Recover milk deficiency for feeding mothers
  • Remove urinary diseases
  • Reduce period pain
  • Remove headache
  • Relief ear pain
  • Cure dental problems
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2) Coriander Seeds

Although, coriander seeds are preferred to add while preparing foodwith unique taste. It is been used in curries, stir fries, traditional and international cusines and more. But how can it cater health as herbal medicine’ let’s take a look:

  • Apply its paste on forehead to remove headache causing in summer
  • Remove swellings of joints
  • Cure anemia (blood deficiency)
  • Beneficial for curing heart diseases
  • Create anti-bodies against cancer
  • Relief headache
  • Remove sever period pain
  • Maintain sugar level
  • Relief diarrhea
  • Relief eye sight problems
  • Remove kidney stones

coriander seeds

3) Carom seeds Or Thaymol Seeds

As carom seeds are been commonly available in kitchen and they also must be used in cooking to get maximum benefits. Carom seeds also as work effectively as herbal medicine. Along with common but critical diseases like diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure’ it also deal routine and viral ailments such as cold and cough.

Carom seeds can be used in crude form, take quarter spoon with water daily or with a gapĀ  of a day. It has surprising benefits:

  • Roll carom seeds in wrapping and smell to get rid of migraine
  • Carom seeds paste remove acne spotsĀ  from skin
  • Recover premature grain (gray hair)
  • Relief gas and stomach pain
  • Relief arthritis problems
  • Great appetizer
  • Remove influenza
  • Relief asthma
  • Relief ear problems
  • Relief cough
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4) Psyllium Husk Seeds

Having water absorbing power, this seeds also have amazing benefits for health. They contribute well to relief many critical ailments and also develop long lasting results. Its benefits are:

  • Beneficial in lower blood pressure level
  • oost up digestion functions
  • Remove intensity within stomach
  • Maintain blood pressure level
  • Helpful in weight loss
  • Remove gas problems
  • Relief Constipation
  • Relief whooping cough
  • Relief asthma
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5) Flax Seeds

Having a super benefit of hormonal balancing, flax seeds are been eaten due to unusual advantages. Use it in powder form by mixing with black pepper and honey for once daily and get amazing results as followed:

  • Apply flax seeds paste with honey, best for dry nails
  • Release bacteria and minerals from body
  • Helpful for feeding mothers
  • Regulate period cycle
  • Best for skin shine and freshness
  • Grow hair thicker and longer
  • Relied uterus problems
  • Help to lose weight
  • Refrain kidney stones
  • Injury healer
  • Relief even harder constipation
  • Remove inflammation issues
  • Remove nausea and influenza
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