Looking for a perfect thing to glow your skin just naturally? Then, you must know about what’s strobing and how to apply strobing makeup and use strobing techniques for a flawless glowing skin. Here’s how we can help you!

Strobing Definition

Strobing is basically used to give a dewy skin glow and give it a pretty natural look while you use a foundation that is two shades lighter than your skin. You may also use a shimmery highlighter on the face to highlight the most prominent areas like the nose bridge, cheekbones etc.  where the lights mostly bounces off. With the help of different strobe cosmetics available in the market, you can create a flawless glowy skin in only a few meek steps that you will ascertain later in this article.

Advantage of Strobing Makeup

Well, there are two types of makeup you can do which includes strobing makeup and highlighter makeup. The highlighter makeup usually involves contouring but the advantage of strobing over highlighting is that it stances alone and generally give you a dewy skin glow finish. It is quick and easy to implement compared to contouring.

Not only this, but strobing helps you maintain a natural daylight shimmer when light hits off the skin on your face making you look more younger; that’s the reason strobing is more inn when it comes to latest trends of the fashion industry.

strobing makeup

Strobing Makeup Products

A giant pool of products is available for you in the emporium for strobing makeup; like strobe cream and strobe stick along with strobe highlighter, strobe light etc. Below is brief information about some of them:

Strobe Cream: Imposed of abundant potent particles, nutriuos vitamins and ample dose of green tea, it is used to brighten up a flat or dull face. From sunlight to spotlight, it gives you the smoothest glow. It can be directly applied to skin while using fingertips.

mabeline strobing highlighter
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Strobe Highlighter: The Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighter is a must to have in your make up kit if you need to strobe more easily and desire to avoid more complication.

Strobe Stick: Ultra strobe sticks offered for the consumers in market make the strobing process more easy and hasty. With three different shades to choose from and also providing a sponge applicator for a seamless blend, it delivers a quick and great glow to the skin.

Mabeline strobing stick
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Strobe Light: A stroboscopic lamp also known as a strobe is a device used to produce consistent flashes of light for a strobing experience.

Here’s How to do Strobing Makeup Step by Step

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Step 1: Moisturize your Skin

Moisturizing is a prime step to undergo before you start with strobing makeup. Use one which is oil free and includes SPF features.

The skin sure needs to be hydrated before you undergo more application of multiple layers of makeup.

Step 2: Prime

Reduce the redness of your skin and calm it while using one of the best solutions of which some prefer ‘That Gal’ or similar to brighten up the complexion.

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Step 3: Apply the Base

While you apply the base, make sure you have chosen one that is infused with oxygen particles so that your skin can breathe while you apply more layers later.

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Step 4:  Conceal the Flaws

Use a matte concealer to conceal the blemishes and apply it especially to the under-eye area to hide the dark circles if exists.

Step 5:  Now Comes Strobing

After the base is done, now is the time to strobe. Those with the light skin tones may use Watts Up or similar product while Sun Beam and alike works great for darker skin tones.

strobing makeup

Start applying with the forehead center, brow bones, cheek bones, nose tip, Cupid’s bow and then the chin and end up with blending them.

Step 6: Turn up the Light

Layer it all up with a High Beam highlighter to get a more 3D layered look-and- feel.

strobing makeup

Strobing makeup
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Step 7: Eye Defining

Use eye pencil on the inner sides of the eye to make them bright and luminous. Afterwards, a golden eye shadow can be applied to provide some depth. Next, use a mascara to lift up and curl your lashes.

Step 8:  Blush Blush Blush!

Last but not the least, apply blush on and then use a setting powder to prevent the makeup from spreading.



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